Wooden houses are more ecological and economical housing options than traditional brick and concrete. Wood is not only a part of nature, but its use is beneficial for the environment. These are natural materials, not derived from petroleum, recyclable and biodegradable, which are also considered “ecological”. One proof of this is the luxury chalet for sale in France.

Sustainable construction

As for the use of wood for its sustainable construction, these are certified and come from a responsible exploitation: the manufacturers plant new trees for each tree they cut. For them, maintaining this balance is essential. In addition, wood construction requires less energy, means less impact on the environment and a lower carbon footprint than traditional buildings: wood is a CO2 sink.

Types of wooden log houses: It is built or mounted directly on the plot and trunks are used which give it a characteristic final appearance. The effect of this system is that the thickness of the wood plays an important role in regulating indoor humidity and temperature. Square logs can be used, which is better.

They are a little more complex structures; joints are made between the wooden beams and this allows to mount large windows. This is the most used style and the one used in Canadian homes. A large number of small elements are used to facilitate modulation, interchangeability and prefabrication.

Housing of the future

These are houses that can be assembled in the factory and transported in very large pieces to their final location. Depending on the final size of the house can be one or more rooms. The walls can be both wood and other types of coverings. The advantage of wooden houses is that it is not a thermal bridge, but an insulator, so it keeps the house cool in summer and hot in winter it means greater energy efficiency, it is a more durable construction type. It calculates a savings of 50% to 60% per year in heating and air conditioning. The walls include a material that, in addition to isolating the outside noise, also helps maintain the temperature: it can be rock wool, sheep wool, recycled cotton all ecological.

The materials used for the coating can be used between pressed wood, natural stone, artificial stone, tile, slate thus minimizing the maintenance of the construction. Inside wooden houses: they have greater durability as usual residence and require less maintenance. They are built quickly and are up to 30% cheaper than the usual concrete and brick houses.